A New World of Drama

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Television dramas, from prime time epics to day time soap operas, are rapidly growing in popularity in both Asian countries and across the world where interest in Asian culture is growing. A great number of these dramas are usually broadcasted from television studios based in various countries such as:

  • Korea;
  • India;
  • China; and
  • Japan

Most of these soap dramas have subtitles in a number of different languages for international broadcast. This allows foreign audiences to watch Asian drama in their native tongues. While dubbing is uncommon, subtitles are prolific in the world of Asian drama. Of particular note are Korean dramas or sometimes called K-dramas in the English-speaking world. These have struck a chord with English speaking audiences across the world.

Sometimes these “dramas” are more accurately classified as variety shows, when such classifications matter. “Running Man” is an example of such. This is a Korean variety show classifying itself as “urban action variety” which has proven so full of surprises. In fact, some critics are considering it the progenitor of an entirely new genre of variety shows. Some dramas even incorporate musical theatre into their workings, such as the web based drama “The Best Future”. This is about two roommates who move in due to a mutual friend but are unaware they are roommates. This also features Korean pop music sensation Minah (of Girls Day) and produced by Samsung Corporation.

Another notable example of Korean dramas is “We Broke Up”. This is a drama starring Sandara Park and Kang Seung-yoon as a pair of broken up lovers. The drama’s storyline is about a bright ambitious career woman and a band vocalist who works largely at night. They both live in very different lives who continue to be roommates. Cang Ki-yong plays their mutual friend.

“We Broke Up” is just a single example of the best Asian dramas being produced in Asia’s rapidly growing television industry. Police or crime dramas, historical epics and a number of other genres Westerners have grown to over the decades are now being produced not just in Korea but also in other Asian countries that include:

  • Japan;
  • India;
  • Hong Kong;
  • Thailand; and
  • Philippines

So what are you waiting for? Explore and seek out this new world of television dramas today. Watch different Asian dramas which can be search through a number of places across the Internet. Experience this new world of characters, plots and settings that will be both new and familiar to you.

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