The Equalizer – The Movie Reviewed

Denzel Washington is an actor who has managed to play in multiple movies. Some of these movies covered social issues and were drama based, but others were full action movies. Washington had not played in any action packed movies lately, but Washington quickly reminds us that he is an excellent actor for action movies as well in The Equalizer.

A lot of fans will view The Equalizer as a movie that is going to be lacking in the gravity of the situations that Washington has been known for in roles like Malcolm X. What this movie lacks in detail and depth it makes up for it in the amount of action it packs.

The movie itself focuses on Washington’s character who has managed to land himself a job as a low profile clerk at his local Home Depot like store in Boston, even though he has a Spartan-like persona that he tries to conceal. His co-workers in the movie often treat him with the respect that he has earned and come to him looking for advice on various situations, but they also have questions about his past.

Washington even tries to convince some of this co-workers that he used to be a pip. The pip that he was referring to was that of a backup singer and dancer for Gladys Knight. He almost successfully pulls this off as he does pull out some of the old school moves that impress his young co-workers. However, Washington does present himself as a pip as well, but it is meant for the ability to predict the explosive situations that can come up and often do come up on a daily basis. The best part is the stunning precision that Washington’s character does this. It often can be seen as being almost like Sherlock Holmes, without Dr. Watson’s help.

When people do see him figuring out this aspect of the upcoming situation, they will often see him solving the issue. For some people the solution to the problem is going to be swift and violent, but others see the situation as being solved to smoothly since most of these are going to need to have grisly violence to end the situation. Another thing people enjoy is the how he uses a watch timer to see how long it will take him to neutralise the threat.

With this movie the viewer is also going to follow Washington through a wide range of issues, but the most important one is getting the chance to track down Teddy. Teddy is the one who is losing his mob workers to the character Washington is portraying. With this tracking down of Teddy and Teddy’s boss, the viewer will be transported all over the world while the boss is trying to dig out the avenger who is trying to get rid of his men.

Looking at The Equalizer is a good thing to do. However, people need to remember that Denzel Washington does not portray the usual character he normally does in his movies. What Washington is trying to do is remind people that he is a good action actor as well. This in turn will help Washington’s fans see a completely different side of him.

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