Why Everyone Should Experience The Thrill Of A Drive-In Movie

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When the last drive-in movie theater in your hometown closes down, chances are you might not even notice, until maybe you see a romantic encounter on TV or in another movie that will bring back some of the nostalgia you that you remember. There were a lot of great times had at the drive-in theater when you could pack your car full some nights and only pay an admission fee per car. You could bring lawn chairs, snacks and even pizza from home, then sit and watch a first one movie and then another, and then the first movie again.

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Nowadays You May Have To Travel To A Far Away City To Watch A Drive-In Movie


Drive-in theaters are few and far between these days since the real estate that many of them were built upon is worth many hundreds of thousands of dollars now, and movies just don’t generate that kind of income. Plus, since a huge portion of the people brought in their own snacks, the money to be made from the snack bar is far reduced as well.


When looking for a drive-in you’ll almost always want to pick one that shows a double feature, that way you’re sure to get the most for your entertainment dollar. And if you’re bringing your children along be sure and pack pajamas, or at least comfortable clothes and shoes so your kids won’t be complaining.


Since most likely the children are going to fall asleep after the first feature, it would be good if they had  pillows to lay their heads on so they don’t wake up with sore necks.  Plus, when you get them home you’ll be able to walk them straight to bed without changing their clothes and waking them up.


If the weather’s nice, you should consider bringing a full load of lawn chairs so they can sit outside under the starlight while they watch the movie. Most drive-in theaters now broadcast their movies over a radio station frequency so that you can turn on your car stereo and listen to the movie from quite a distance away from your car. If you don’t have a car stereo that picks up the right radio frequency, you should consider bringing a portable stereo that plugs into your cigarette lighter.


Since It’s A Drive-In You Can Bring Your Own Snacks


As mentioned before, the drive-in theaters don’t care if you bring your own snacks and this is one of the biggest money savers for the entire night. Since you’re saving so much money you can afford to bring all of the most fun snacks that you can imagine. You can pop your own popcorn, bring a bucket of chicken, a huge pizza, and plenty of soda.


Keep in mind that many tall vehicles like vans are going to be required to park in the rows near the front so they don’t block other visitors  view of the movie. This is usually not a problem if you bring along your own lawn chairs, you can always find a good place to sit. If it’s going to get cool in the evening you’ll want to have some blankets to keep yourselves warm until the wee hours of the morning.


If it’s an area that is prone to mosquitoes you might want to consider putting on some insect repellent, however, most drive-in movie theaters will have eliminated standing water or sprayed the local swamps to make sure there are no mosquitoes bothering their customers.


If you haven’t been to a drive-in movie in quite some time, or your kids have never even seen one, then it’s time to pack up the car and get going. Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer of these left in the country, and soon, maybe none at all.

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