Do Film Critics Take Bribes?

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This is a great topic because it is one that people do wonder about. They want to look at film reviews and believe what they are saying, but that is not always the case. Some film critics are not as honest as they should be. You have to be able to locate the ones that are honest compared to those who are not.

Let’s answer the question of whether or not bribery is involved within the film industry especially with critics.

Is it true or is that something which exaggerates the reality?

Scandals Have Come Out In The Past

There have been scandals in the past, and those who deny this are not being honest. It has been seen with “Precious” where the film claimed the critic had been bribed. These are troubles that pop up here and there, but most of them don’t have substance.

The scandals that do come out are not as prevalent as one would think. However, it is recommended to trust critics who have a resounding following and are consistent.

Not Widespread

Whether it happens or not, it is certainly not widespread, and that is the main thing to note down. It is not something that is being done by all critics and viewers should not be worried about this. A lot of work goes into making sure critics are remaining honest.

There are some who might like to toe the line or even go over it by taking the bribe, but those are rare, and they often lose credibility.

People can see right through it, and that is the worst scenario for them. They avoid it themselves because of this.

Hollywood Production Companies Use Other Means

Bribes don’t have to be found in cash form. This is one of those realities that is not true. Money is not exchanged because that is risky business and production companies know this could ruin the film’s PR before it launches. However, there are gray areas to this that are used all the time by production businesses to significant effect.

They start to send pre-release copies to critics and they can watch it before anyone else. They give them other related gifts associated with the movie as a part of the “review”. This is an excellent way to win over the critic and get them to be positive.

It works all the time, and many big production companies go out of there way to do this.

Bribes are seen all over the world, but the critics that are out there tend to avoid it. There is a lot that can go wrong and most are not willing to partake in this behavior. The few who are have had their pieces criticized because it can become apparent at one point.

There are others who have become part of major scandals, and this can ruin a person’s reputation in the industry. Being a film critic means you have to remain honest as that is what you are making money from.

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