Finding Good Programming For Kids

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Are you thinking about finding something for your child to watch on TV? Do you want to find programming that is worth their time? There are too many people who are not well-versed as parents about what should be watched and what should not be. This is something that is fine because a lot of people are put in such a spot and have to deal with such concerns as their life moves on.


To find good programming, you have to begin with a simple search on what has to be done. This will help define what is the best thing for you moving forward.


  1. Age Ratings

    Begin with a simple search on the age ratings for each TV shows that you are filtering down. You don’t want to overshoot and start showing teen programming to a preschooler. It won’t help their development, and you have to note this down.You want to look at age ratings right away to get rid of stuff that is not going to be of use to you and your child.

    The age ratings are there for a reason, and you have to know to use them as well. Parents don’t, and that is why their children end up watching programming that was not made for stage group.

  2. Find Content Without Ads

    Ads are something you are not going to appreciate and it is not good for the child as well. The first reason is the ads are not something you will be able to control. Plus, you will not want to break their attention away from the TV show, which can happen with ads.

    Content should be streamed online through Youtube or Netflix. If you have cable TV, just PVR their favorite shows, and that will be all they need.

    You don’t have to make decisions where they are not able to enjoy what they are watching.

  3. Short Episodes Only

    The next tip would be to find short episodes that are around 20 minutes in length. This is all they are going to want to watch. You don’t want to go over the top with content that is aggressively long because that is boring and not something you want.Too many people put on content that is 30-45 minutes long and by the second half, their child is getting bored or has run off.
    You want them to sit in short bursts and learn from what they are watching.
    This is smarter than teaching them to run off without finishing what they have started.


  4. Message-Based TV Shows Are Best

    You want to find TV shows that have a message to them. It could be about anything, but you are going to want to show a few such as this. Children will learn from these shows and then use them in real life.

    It could be something on bullying. It could be something on eating the right foods. It could be about doing homework. You just want to show something that teaches good behavior because it will rub off on them over time.
    You don’t want to keep showing content that does not jive with these message-based requirements for too long.

  5. Consider Tone

    What type of TV show are you watching? Is it loud? Is it scary? Is it quiet? You want to know this and then time what you are showing to children. You don’t want them to create a ruckus at night because you showed something that was aggressive and loud.It happens, and children are going to react to this even if you might think they won’t. You have to be prepared.


These are tips that you are going to have to use for your children as they are getting older. The younger they are, the more valuable it becomes to start them on the right path. You don’t want them to deviate and start watching content that is not going to help their development. It can happen, and it is essential not to be the one that instigates such negative growth.


Use these tips and then choose a few TV shows that you can watch with them as they grow older. This will be something they enjoy as well.

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