Your Guide To Streaming Movies For Free

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Even though a lot of popular streaming services are cheap, not everyone has a few extra dollars in their monthly budget. Sometimes, people want to stream a movie without having to pay a single cent.


While streaming movies for free isn’t always easy, it’s definitely something that can be done. Use this guide to find ways to stream movies at no charge. You may be able to watch some of your favorite films even if you’re broke.


  1. See If You Already Have Access To Free Films

    While most people sign up for Amazon Prime because of its free shipping, there’s an additional benefit to its services. People can stream a number of movies and TV shows at no charge.

    If you’re not a Prime member but are a college student, you should still be able to take advantage of the movies Amazon has on offer. Students can get six months of Prime for free as long as they sign up with a .edu address.


  1. Look For Free Trials

    From Netflix to Hulu to Prime, nearly every streaming service offers free trials now again. If you haven’t exhausted all of your options, you should be able to try out some streaming services without having to pay.

    If you’ve already used your free trials, you may be able to take advantage of them again. Most services will allow you to sign up for a free trial a second time as long as you use a different card when you sign up. For example, if you signed up with your debit card the first time, you could try signing up with a credit card the second time around.

    Just make sure you don’t forget to cancel these subscriptions before your trial is over. After all, the movies won’t be free if you wind up getting charged a subscription fee afterward.


  1. Share With A Friend

    You don’t have to have your own streaming account in order to watch a movie for free. If you have a friend that’s willing to pass along their username and password, you both should be able to watch movies on the same account.

    Most streaming services have some restrictions on how many people can stream simultaneously on the same account. While you and your friend should both be able to watch shows without an issue, you may run into problems if another person tries to watch a movie when you do. If you do try out account sharing, make sure your friend is aware of the limitations.


  1. Watch Movies With Ads

    Some streaming services will allow you to play movies for free as long as you watch the occasional advertisement. These advertisements can be a bit irritating, but it’s a small price to pay for free entertainment. Hulu and Crunchyroll are among the many services that offer free streaming options.

    If you do wind up watching movies through one of these services, make sure you don’t use an ad-blocker. Browser ad-blockers can keep ads from playing on movie sites, but they can also cause problems that keep the movie from playing at all. You may wind up having to refresh and start your movie over at the most exciting part.

    Most browser ad-blockers will allow you to whitelist certain sites while keeping your ad-block software on. This should allow you to block ads and enjoy movies at the same time.


  1. Watch Movies In The Public Domain

    There are a number of movies out there that no one owns the right to anymore. You can stream any one of these movies free and legally.

    Some people think that public domain movies aren’t worth watching, but that definitely isn’t the case. Some extremely popular films, like Night of the Living Dead, are in the public domain. You can watch a lot of great documentaries this way as well.


Streaming movies for free requires you to get creative. However, as long as you try out a few of the tips listed above, you should be able to find things to watch even if you don’t have a single cent to your name. When you have an internet connection, you can always find things for free.

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