Latest Movie Review: Magic Mike XXL Visits Myrtle Beach

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Several months ago movie cameras hit Myrtle Beach to wrap up filming Magic Mike XXL. Most of the film’s scenes were shot in Georgia, but some of the final scenes took place in Myrtle Beach. The plot of the movie is all about road tripping to the beach. This movie is hoped to be one of the hottest movies of the summer.

It’s certainly getting some press and the trailer is catching huge attentions as well. Channing Tatum was recently in a parade promoting the movie and showing his support for the LGBT community. The sequel to the first Magic Mike is gaining as much momentum going into its release date as the first one. In fact, it’s gaining as much momentum as any movie has so far this summer.

Another movie that definitely has a big audience is Ted 2. This is also a sequel that is sure to be making the summer full of laughs. Many people are expecting it to be as big as the first one. Of course, its popularity is somewhat more narrowly focused due to the vulgarities that are in the movie. However, a ton of people find the movie quite hilarious.

Out of the two, it’s going to be interesting to see which one does the best. Magic Mike XXL is also niched out quite a bit because it’s a movie about male strippers. There is another alternative to this film which is entitled “Max”. It’s a family-oriented movie that is set to release early summer around the same time as the release of Magic Mike XXL.

“Max” is a film about a boy who ends up having a strong bond with a dog. This movie will surely tug at your heart strings. The preview is absolutely moving, showing a strong story line. At one point, the boy is shown sleeping outside with his dog. The next morning, he’s on the lawn and his mom wonders what he’s doing out there. He wakes up and says “I don’t want to talk about it.” It’s actually a moving film, full of emotion and slightly humorous.

Are you anticipating for a different movie that will be shown in theatres this summer? You’ll be excited to discover that there are actually plenty of them as the summer has just started. These three movies mentioned in this latest movie review are just a few of the must-seen films this summer that I myself can’t wait to see.

Besides the fact that I have enjoyed the first Ted movie, one thing that has me sold on Ted 2 is that Morgan Freeman is going to be in this sequel. I’m pretty sure he’ll be having a hilarious supporting appearance in this film and that made me super excited to see the movie. On one hand, I never actually got the chance to see the first Magic Mike movie. But, the reason I can’t wait to see the sequel is the fact that it has scenes shot in Myrtle Beach. This is something I am proud of because I live somewhere in Myrtle Beach. It was a big deal when they shoot some of the scenes in the blvd and in the beachfront boardwalk.

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