Look At Movie Critic Reviews And Ratings To See What To Watch

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Have you ever seen reviews and ratings from the movie critics and thought to yourself what were they thinking? Haven’t we all, and while they get it right many times, too, there is no doubt that they don’t always go with what the popular opinion. Just take a look at the Oscar nominations and what gets left out year after year. Sure, there are some great nominations, and I love watching the Academy Awards. And, I’m not talking about the comic book movies getting snubbed for best actor and things of that nature. What I mean is there are some really good movies that are left out.

Of course, not everyone and every movie can be nominated, and not every movie can be critically acclaimed. I’m sure if I were a movie critic, many people wouldn’t go along with everything I had to say either. Far be it from me to be the big voice here, as I do not have the credentials that many of the movie critics have for their respective industries. I am, however, an avid moviegoer and movie watcher, and I know when I see a good movie.

When I was younger, it was Siskel & Ebert that were the main movie critics, and people really did listen to them quite often. They would review all kinds of movies, but things have changed. People still listen to the movie critics, but the fact remains that movie critics are a dime a dozen these days. The Internet has everything to do with that of course, and so user review sites are the most popular sites for people looking for good movies in today’s world.

I challenge you to select your top five movies of all time, and then go see what the movie critic reviews and ratings are for those movies. You might be surprised that the critics just don’t agree with you at all. Or, maybe your movie selections are more in line with what they have to say.

I’m more into mainstream movies, and my favorite categories are drama and suspense/thriller movies. That doesn’t mean that the movie critics are always going to agree with me, though. By the way, I love watching movies, so I watch plenty of independent films, too. The thing is, the critics dig certain independent films as well, so don’t think because you like independent films that you’re not going to agree with the movie critics.

My absolute favorite movie of all time was ‘Seven’ starring Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt. It came out in 1994, and of course, it was a big blockbuster. The story line was gripping, yet the movie was also dark and drab in ways. It was always raining, yet anything starring Morgan Freeman is captivating. This was also during the early stages of Brad Pitt’s career.

The movie critics, of course, loved that movie, especially as time went by. They like many of my other favorite movies, too. However, I’m my own movie critic, and you should be, too!

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