Top 5 Things You Should Not Do In A Brothel

Brothels are businesses that reap the delicious fruits of legal sex and other sexual activities. They are basically your favourite drug dealer but legalised and made to pay tax by the government just like every other respectable establishment.

Brothels have existed way before we were born and I doubt they are going extinct anytime soon. Although they have been around forever, their etiquettes, do’s and don’ts have changed as the years have gone by.

Therefore, let’s have a look at the top five do’s and don’ts of modern-day brothels.

1. Don’t Visit Brothels When Broke

Nobody and I mean nobody, likes the guy that walks into a brothel with no cash but is totally convinced that a good time is his human right. The girls working in brothels are doing exactly that. They are working to earn a living so don’t expect to get services if you lack currency.

2. Don’t Preach

If you think preaching at a brothel is okay, I can assure you that the girls and most importantly the bouncers don’t. Brothels are businesses that deal with the demand and supply of various unholy acts and is not a cathedral, so please don’t try to spoil someone’s business with your own religious beliefs and principles. When you see brothel signs and you feel the holy spirit in your awakening, just walk away, thanks.

3. Taking Pictures And Videos Without Consent.

No, just no. Taking pictures/videos of anyone without their consent is illegal and punishable by the law. Sex workers are humans and also citizens of a state who are equally protected by the law just like every other citizen, so treat them as such.

4. Consent

It’s the 21st century, consent is a very necessary part of any naughty delight for any person no matter their job description. It is not okay to rape, hurt or even touch a sex worker without their consent, especially in a situation where you want a service you didn’t pay for.

5. Don’t Ask For A Sex Worker’s Home Address

If she wanted to take you home with her, she could have sat at a nice bar and flirted with you but she didn’t do that, now did she? No, she got a job in a brothel which could only mean that she wants money for her shifted services and a good night’s sleep on her bed ALONE.

Follow these five tips people and you will definitely not be used for arm exercises by the bouncers or the workers.

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