Top Considerations for Natural Rugs

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The materials that your rugs are made of will greatly change the experience they provide in your home, life, and budget. Natural rugs are made of all-natural materials so they have some specific benefits. Because they are completely natural, typically taken from plant fibers or wool, they also have some special needs and considerations that will improve their longevity and visual value in your homes space.

The following article will include an overview of the major benefits of this type of floor covering and how you can best apply into your home and interior design.


1. Naturals Rugs have Health benefits

Natural rugs may be a better option for those who are prone to negative reactions with certain chemical elements in the conventional synthetic carpet industry. Because they are made of all-natural fibers like sisal, seagrass, jute, copra or wool, they don’t contain any chemical substances to release into the environment.

Many of the carpets and rugs made of synthetic fibers can emit an unhealthy amount of toxins into the air and pass them on contact, making these options potentially hazardous to small kids and people with sensitivity issues. This is one of the reasons natural rugs are the best option for the kids’ room.

Furthermore, many experts believe that the natural fibers do a better job of tying the airborne contaminants, so pervasive in modern living, down into the fibers where they can be properly cleaned without affecting the health of others.

2. Natural Rugs Offer Sustainability

Natural rugs are taken from completely sustainable plantations, ocean farms and conventional farms as well. They are renewable, recyclable, biodegradable and carbon-dioxide neutral. Seagrass and jute exist prolifically in nature and require no harmful pesticides, fertilizers or other chemical enhancers to grow. Materials like copra and jute are so good for the environment they are commonly used as soil tonics that bind nutrients together and prevent soil erosion. If making an environmentally intelligent choice is the direction your headed, natural carpeting is the best for you.


3. The Cost-Effective Solution to Flooring

You will find that a fine jute rug large enough to cover the entire living room in warm hues and cozy texturing will only set you back about $100. For an equally exquisite performance form a synthetic option, you will end up paying at least twice or three times this much.


4. Unparalleled Appearance

Natural beauty, intricate weaving and spectacular texturing all go into giving natural rugs the visual impact they provide. While the textures are typically softer earth tones, these browns, greens, beiges, gold can add a soothing splash to a modern design or the essential underscore to a country or industrial interior. In general, the looks you can expect are stunningly beautiful and versatile enough to match any style or décor plan.


5. Care and Maintenance

Unlike synthetic carpets that will hold onto the dirt, grime, and debris that accumulates within, natural rug fibers collect these elements and readily release them when vacuumed and cleaned. It is important to remember that shampooing natural carpets is not always an option. While the cleaning is much easier, it is essential that the manufacturers’ recommendations are understood and adhered to at every step of the process

Jute is fairly low maintenance. Natural fiber rugs and carpets tend to mask dirt and dust well, and simple vacuuming should be enough to keep your carpets looking beautiful long term. Keep in mind though that Jute can’t come in contact with water or else it will rot and stain, so it should never be wet shampooed or steam cleaned.


6. Susceptible to Stains

You will want to do everything you can to keep your carpets from staining. Natural rug fabrics are highly absorbent and once you’ve dropped the glass of red wine, you can consider that stain there for good without some very fast action. The action necessary will depend on the type of rug you are working with, it is essential to fully understand the cleaning procedures for these fine rugs before making your purchase.

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7. Course Feel

Another important thing to understand is that crawling around on a coir, seagrass or jute carpet might not be as comfy as with a silk or wool carpet. Some natural rugs have a courser feel that feels great underfoot, but can be less forgiving on the knees or bare legs. This makes them well suited to walking areas to the home but can make them uncomfortable for the TV room, for example.

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