Why A Water Tank Float Experience Could Be The Best Thing That Ever Happened To You!

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To a lot of people, the idea of a water tank floating experience is something completely new. However, it’s actually a concept that has been around for a long time. Let’s take a look at why this new experience really could be the next best thing in your life right now.


What Is Floating Therapy?

In a few words, this refers to the deep relaxation which can be achieved from floating in a warm water solution for an hour or more. The warm water is loaded with Epsom salt.

Why Does It Work?

The theory behind water tank floating experience is that as much as 90% of the brain’s normal workload comes from environmental stimulation. Even if we don’t realize what is happening, our poor brains are bombarded, day in and day out.

When you float in a sensory deprivation tank you allow your senses to have a complete break, creating an environment that is pure sensory relaxation. In fact, it isn’t just your mind that will benefit, the Epsom salts can provide a perfect place to relieve tired and aching muscles and aid injury recovery.


Water Tank Experience | Elevation Floatation

What Does It Feel Like Inside The Tank?

You will almost feel like you are entering a space-age capsule. Even though it may feel rather small when you enter it, once you are in a lying position you would likely struggle to touch the ceiling. Don’t worry, if the concept makes you feel claustrophobic you can always leave the lid a little ajar.

Once inside the tank, you will quickly see that it is light and soundproof. In addition, the water is so dense with salt that there is no risk of sinking to the bottom, anyone will float in this environment.


What Happens During a Sessions?

Firstly, you will take a shower and prepare yourself. You can wear bathers if you wish, but you do not need to. Once inside the tank, take a moment to pull the door open and closed to assure you of how easy it is to exit.

Once you feel comfortable, you should lie back and make yourself comfortable. You can then turn the tank light off and get ready for absolute relaxation.

Let’s take a look at one individual who knows all about what the floating experience feels like, allow her to relate her feeling about the session.

I have a noisy life, with my work being online I can, at times, feel like I live right there in the social media world. My freelance job is coupled with the usual life demands that all adults have all set in this busy metropolitan backdrop.

I had a health scare a few years ago and it has resulted in me now doing pretty much anything to keep hold of my sanity in the chaos that is called my life.

A friend told me about flotation therapy but I didn’t feel too positive about it. The thought of stepping into a tank full of water and salt, shutting the door and lying there for an hour sounded more like an experience in claustrophobia, perhaps resulting in drowning or something.

Since life was stressful at the time I made some attempts at home to cope but they really didn’t work, so floating it was for me.

How do I feel now? Taking an hour to float in a sensory deprivation tank has to be up there with my most treasured activities and I wish I was able to have a tank right here in my home. I would close the door and float every day, just like I would do in the sea if it was an option for me. Even though I can suffer from anxiety easily and even the odd panic attack, I never feel a hint of claustrophobia during my sessions.

The salt water allows my tired neck and back muscles (remember I’m hunched over a laptop all day) to totally relax.


The sense of calmness I feel when I step out is like a stamp of approval from taking a break from text messages, emails and other activities that really don’t count as relaxing. When I float, I sleep better, feel better and hurt a lot less.

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