What Is A Film Festival?

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Most people have heard of film festivals before. This is a place where both full-featured and short films are shown prior to their release to the general public. They offer extended presentations of movies that will soon be in cinemas, or even private screening menus, and typically happen in large cities across the world. There is a trend that is occurring where many of them are done outdoors, mimicking the once very popular drive-in movie theaters. However, there is a little more to film festivals and how they actually function that you ought to know a little bit about. Let’s look at why people go, how they have changed, and what some of the most popular film festivals are today.


Defining Film Festivals


Film festivals are not simply a gathering where people get to watch movies early. They are sometimes staged by local governments, private organizations, and certain societies. Their primary purpose in the main film industry is to get feedback prior to a movie’s release. It’s similar to how you would get testimonials for a product that you are trying to sell, and the more positive feedback you have, the more likely you are going to fill seats. It’s also a place where the press is invited, and this is really how the testimonials get out to the public. Press agents will watch the movie, and then interview people once the movie is done, and this provides the necessary exposure to help them sell movie tickets. It is also possible for filmmakers to win awards which are becoming more highly coveted every year. In the past, film festivals were a bit gimmicky, just a place to advertise before the actual release, but now receiving awards has become a very prominent feature of these events.


Why People Go To Film Festivals


Some people will go to these events do not only see movies in advance, but you also see movies that will probably never make it to the mainstream theater. They could be short films from overseas, and you sometimes hear about them, ones that might not qualify for even an R rating. Others are very specific in the type of films that can be shown. For example, some of them only show Jewish films, or perhaps films that are directed by women. Others will only show documentaries, or short films, making them very exclusive and therefore highly coveted. At the very least, they are fun to go to. They are similar to how people really crave food from a street vendor. They may not have a restaurant, or a chain of them nationwide, but the quality of the food is why people come back for more. In the same way, these film festivals are designed to motivate people to come in, those that are interested in a particular topic. People will fly from all over the world just to attend some of the more popular film festivals such as the Cannes, Venice, Toronto and Sundance film festivals.


If you have never been to one before, you ought to consider going in. They are actually fun to interact with people that may have a similar mindset to your own. This is especially true with those that are showing very specific types of movies, or perhaps you are a fan of a particular director. This allows people to really get to know others that are like-minded, and perhaps they can connect with them at a later time. It’s not just about getting more people into the movie theaters anymore. It’s about socializing and experiencing something that many others will not all within the context of viewing short and feature films.

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