Why Float? – Essential Information

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The therapy of flotation is not something new. In fact, this therapy was first developed 6 decades ago, where research discovered that a float tank resulted in a number of promising and surprising side effects, which initiated the progression of more research.

You might have heard of floatation therapy as REST which means Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy, and you may also know the tanks as SDT which means Sensory Deprivation Tanks. However, today they are just called the float tanks and they have gone onto change a number of lives.

If you are interested in finding out more information about the power that sensory reduction, water and salt can help you achieve.



Here is an overview of the benefits you can achieve and the answer to “why float?”.


  1. Floating For Stress Relief

There is an extremely deep relaxation that can be achieved inside a float tank. This is possible through about 90% of gravity that is released off your body and just about no sensory input, which allows the central nervous system a way to really let go and relax.

While you are floating, your body will naturally slow down the release of neurotransmitters and hormones which contribute to effects that are stressful on the body, while at the same time increasing the beneficial chemicals such as endorphins.


  1. Why Float For Chronic Pain?

Many people have found relief from their daily symptoms associated with Scoliosis, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Lower Back Pain, Rheumatoid, MS and more. The research study on Fibromyalgia has come to an end, but you are still able to view these results from the initial study online. If you are currently living with pain that is classified as chronic.


  1. Reasons To Float For Anxiety

The latest float research is associated with a focus on the treatment of anxiety and so far, the results have been extremely promising. In a recent study, research that was conducted at the Karlstad University in Sweden in their Human Performance Laboratory  showed up statistically significant reduction in anxiety, increase in energy a decrease in stress and depression in comparison to the other control group.


  1. The Benefits Of Floating During Pregnancy

During the important stages of pregnancy, a float tank is able to create a quiet, relaxing and nurturing environment where the baby and the mother can enjoy this time preparing for the birth. Why float for pregnancy is one of the safest and gentlest ways to assist in alleviating sore feet, backaches. Swollen ankles, stress and exhaustion.


  1. Floating For Meditation

To reach the theta state which is deeper meditative states is often difficult. Most people are only able to experience this state very briefly before they fall asleep. Everyone knows that it is beneficial for the brain to disconnect from the constant noise and the constant interruption and input from the digital world that we live in.

It is these daily interruptions that make the practice of meditation on a regular basis extremely difficult to achieve. The environment in the float tank is unique, allowing the brainwaves to slow down and quickly reach the theta-state, even for the more inexperienced meditators.


  1. Why Float For Better Sleep?

In so many cases, floaters often tell their stories of the wonderful sleep they experienced after a session in a float tank. In addition, one of the deepest and best sleeps can be achieved while supported inside a float tank.

When you travel over ttimelines it is always suggested to find your closest float center for a way to reset your body and prevent the side-effects associated with jet lag.


  1. Floating To Encourage Creativity

One of the other benefits of floating is associated with studies that indicate that floating is believed to suspend the detail-orientated, dominance hemisphere inside our brains, which allows the right side to flow without interference or interruptions.

This allows for greater accessibility to the imagination, visualization, and creativity which often leads to solving problems.


Why Should You Float?

Each day our senses are bombarded constantly with technology, traffic and noise. This excessive stimulation usually results in sensory overload, stress and anxiety. The float tanks remove all of these influences allowing for a way to achieve total mental and physical relaxation.


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