How To Write A Critical Review Of A Movie Effectively

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Movie lovers can’t help but pay attention to what the critical movie reviews say about their favorite films. Whether a movie was good or bad, it deserves an honest review online written by someone that has had the opportunity to critique every aspect of it such as artistry, plot, and central message. If you’re looking to write your first critical review of a movie, just know that it can be a daunting task unless you head into the subject matter with a bit of knowledge. To help you get started, consider the information outlined below!

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Hook Your Readers


No one wants to read a long and boring review, so you need to hook potential readers into finishing your review by stating a compelling fact or opinion as your first sentence. A hook can be something as simple as comparing the movie to a recent event or it can sum up your review in a nutshell. One more tactic you can use to hook the interest of film lovers is to place your review into context or share some important information.


State Your Opinion Clearly


No one wants to be left guessing what your opinion of the movie is. Instead of forcing someone to read ten paragraphs, state and establish your opinion of the movie early on. By doing this, you can leave the rest of your article to proof and information as to why you like or dislike the film in question.


Support Your Argument


You’re making a case for or against a movie, therefore, you need to be willing to search for evidence that supports your opinion. You may think you’re right, but without specific research material that’s presented to readers, no one is going to care.


Go Beyond Plot Analysis


In order to be truly considered a critical reviewer, you need to review beyond the plot of the film. Discuss how good or bad the cinematography was or the acting. Was the director able to set the right tone for the film? Where the music and sound properly mixed? There are many different aspects of a movie that you should take into consideration before laying down your review.


Gather Facts


One of the most important aspects of a movie review is your ability to weave in facts about the film. This should include things like the name of the film, the director, the name of the main actors, and the genre it represents. Basically, give your readers some info that can help them establish what you’re actually reviewing.


Watch Movie And Take Notes


You can’t review a movie without understanding it. Great reviewers know that if they want to write a review that reflects an honest critique of the film they will need to take notes while watching it. Allow yourself to really experience every aspect of the film such as the acting, sound, plot, cinematography, message, and overall impressions.


Writing The Final Review


Now that you know what elements to include in your review, you need to start your final draft by writing a one paragraph thesis. Having a thesis helps you move beyond just discussing a plot summary and into the realm of becoming a real movie critic.


Following your thesis paragraph, dedicate a paragraph to highlighting the plot summary of the movie. Remember, it’s important that you don’t spoil the movie for readers by going into too much detail. Just provide enough information to help readers understand where your review is coming from.


The next step after the plot summary is to write several paragraphs that analyze the movie and will help back up your thesis. During your analysis, you will want to skip technical jargon and make your review accessible to all readers. Make sure you also insert evidence into your analyses to help prove your point and make your review seem completely reliable.


Lastly, before you feel your review is complete, make sure you inject some personality. If you’re funny or serious, make sure that shines through. Your review is then ready for the final proofreading where you should aim to correct all grammar mistakes and spelling errors. Once you feel confident you’ve done everything, you can freely publish your review.

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